“Nara Natur” products are uniquely Caucasian sweet specialties, containing only natural ingredients and free from any artificial substances.

About us

In 1993, we decided to leave native Armenia and settle in the Czech Republic. Here we found a new home. That was the year, when the history of our family-business started.
The idea to produce our delicious specialty products made from of purely natural ingredients was born in 2000, when we were running a grocery store. At the beginning, we would give away our products to our customers and friends as gifts. The demand for these sweet products increased year by year, which we took seriously. In order to satisfy the growing interest, in 2007 we modernised and enlarged our production and spaces for it.
In 2011, the trademark called “Nara Natur” was created. In 2013, we upgraded our factory and introduced new technological equipment, investing more than 3,000,000 CZK.
At present, we deliver these Caucasian specialties made according to an Armenian recipe to markets not in the Czech Republic, but also in France, Germany, Slovakia and Holland. Our products are shipped to health food stores, as they contain no emulsifiers, artificial colourings, concentrates or powder substances, and are made entirely from 100% fruits of the highest quality, ripened in the orchards South Moravia. Top quality and satisfying the highest demands of our customers are our primary goal. Therefore, all our ingredients are chosen with care and attention to first-class quality. We want to share our traditional products with our customers and offer them a piece of the Armenian sunshine wrapped in the fruit rolls and in the sweet sudjukh. We guarantee that the products from “Nara Natur” are always natural and safe!

Bon appétit and have a nice day!
Nara Natur

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