“Nara Natur” products are uniquely Caucasian sweet specialties, containing only natural ingredients and free from any artificial substances.

Sweet Sujukh

Sweet sujukh is a very popular delicacy in the Caucasus Region. It is a healthy, light and delicious snack. Sweet sujukh is a combination of walnut and grape juice containing a wide variety of valuable vitamins and nutrients necessary for the human body.
Walnuts are known mainly due to their high contents of potassium, zinc and copper. Substances contained in walnuts have wholesome effects on our brain, as well as overall body. Grapes contain vitamins B, E and C, as well as powerful antioxidants. In addition, grapes have a detoxifying effect as they contain a considerable portion of fibre, a necessary component for the proper functioning of the intestines.
In addition to these, both walnuts and grapes have other good effects on our body. Therefore, the combination of these two health-supporting natural ingredients has a double welfare effect on our body. So, including some of this delicious snack in your and your child’s daily diet is a great and tasty way of ensuring a supply of vitamins and other health-supporting nutrients, while at the same time indulging in a delicious snack.

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